Kylie Lip Kit dupe??

Hey Everyone!

So this is my first post on this page and its on about the Sleek ”Matte Me” Liquid Lipsticks which I think are a great dupe for the Kylie Lip Kits except for the price the sleek lipsticks are only €7.00 where as the Kylie Lip Kits are $29.00USD that is €25.50 basically that is €18.50 in the difference !
The three shades I’m going to be talking about today is the dupes for Candy K,Dolce K and Mary Jo k
This is Candy K.
Dolce K.
and Mary Jo K.
And the dupes I have for them are Sleeks own Petal,Birthday Suit and Party Pink.
I also paired them up a lip liner from Sleek  which I think goes perfect with each shade.The shades I used are Rouge 307,Red Sky Night 324 and Lingerie 294.
Here is each lip liner with the corresponding liquid lipstick.

Here are swatches of both 

Sleek Matte Me lipsticks

Kylie Lip Kit Lipsticks.
See how similar they are?And for the price difference its crazy!The formula of the sleek liquid lipsticks are so good they are matte but yet dont dry out your lips which is exactly what you want and they literally last all day on your lips.
I think these are the best dupes for the Kylie Lip Kits.
So yeah thats it !
Hope some of ye found this some what Helpful and enjoyed reading it!
Keep and eye out for more posts.Ill link my deets below and also where you can purchase these items.
My instragram ! 

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  1. Amazing I want this! Keep up the good work xx


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