May Favourites !

My May Favourites 🙂

So weird to think its June already this year is flying Leaving cert starts next week woohoo !!
I have a few makeup favourites for yous here these products I have been using religiously this month or last month should I say! So lets get right into it , 🙂 
I love these products.
First off my newest obsession the Inglot HD Perfect coverup foundation.
Ive had this for a while but never actually reached for it until this month and as you can see its half empty I even used this for my Graduation makeup and it lasted all day long.Mines in the shade 74 which is perfect for when im wearing tan I think I will pick up another lighter shade for when im not wearing tan but still want full coverage.
Next is the L.A Girl Pro concealer.
I got this recently but purchased it in the wrong shade its just a little too dark but I have been using it as a cream contour and omg its brilliant its the perfect shade for my skin for contouring it blends like a dream and its also really affordable.My shade is Cool Tan if anyone is wondering.
My next favourite for this month is…..
YES!My makeup revolution Radiance Palette this is my all time favourite highlight of all time it is just so perfect and the price is like 5euro or something amazingMy favourite shade right now is the middle shade.Perfection!
Next is another Inglot Product 
Its my HD sculpting powder this is the best contouring powder I have ever used im so glad I bought this im going to buy some more shades and try them out in the very near future its in the freedom system and this product is the 12euro I think il link it down below.
Just look at it!
If you follow me on snapchat where I do tutorials ect you will recognize this product.
Its my sleek Eye Brow Kit this has always been my favourite brow product I use the wax more than the actual powder ,I just think it stays on all day and it just matches my brows so well My one is the shade Light 817.I use my MAC 263 to apply it.
This next product may surprise some people because of where its from.
Its the P.S Love Eyeliner from Pennys and I bought this for the craic it was only 1.50 so I said why not but its actually such a good gel eyeliner.I also use another MAC 263 to apply.

Another Favourite is my chocolate bar palette.
I love this palette so much as its so universal its a casual palette but also a night time palette and my favourite shade has to be the shade “white chocolate” I use it as a base before I apply any other colours.
Last but not least 

My Kylie Lip Kit in the Shade Koko K this is the best nude as it stays on for HOURS!! I just love it no more needs to be said about this.
So there are my May Favourites I hope you enjoyed reading this 🙂 Id love if yous let me know what you think of it:) 
My snapchat is beautyfruity17 aswell as my instragram and twitter 🙂 
Thanks for reading

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Amazing post 🙂


  2. Liam Walsh says:

    Lip kits are so cool you should buy them all 😉


  3. Liam Walsh says:

    Lip kits are so cool you should buy them all 😉


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