Vegetarian for a week ?????

Ok so different blogpost than normal but I came up with doing this and really wanted to try this out and it was SIMPLE!
One day I came up with the idea of going vegetarian for a week so I said I would make a blog about it I also snapchatted every meal I ate and my followers really enjoyed watching and learning about what I could eat and I got some really positive feedback from it.
Want a little look at a few things I ate ?

Ok so for Breakfast this was defo the EASIEST meal to prepare for because you can eat anything cereal , eggs , toast or even a smoothie!

Here is an easy scrambled egg on wholemeal toast with an orange and a good aul cup of tae.
For Lunch ( as I was off school for this week it was really easy as I didnt have to eat a packed lunch so I could prepare a Lunch for myself.
This looks so fancy and it was soo easy! All it was was a baked potato with tuna and sweetcorn and a bit of Mayo on a bed of lettuce and red onion.
So simple!
For Dinner this I enjoyed and I thought I would struggle at this but it was a breeze and so much fun experimenting different types of dishes.
So firstly I made this massive tray of roasted Vegtables.

Threw it in the oven for about 30 mins added a corn on the cob!
And it was a delicious dish so yummy!
Another dinner I made was something a little different i tried QUORN! and it wasnt bad I still didnt finish it but it was not bad I just didnt know what I was eating and that scared me a lot lol!
So this was the quorn chicken in a little green stirfry I made I also some rice .
This was another dinner I made .
This was a great challenge and it was so easy I thought it would be much harder but I couldn’t believe it when the week was up it went that fast and I only ate fish for 2 dishes !I find im not eating as much meat myself now and I feel way healthier.
I hope you all enjoyed reading this and learnt something from this.
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Let me know your feedback I love to hear it ! 
Siobhan x

4 Comments Add yours

  1. rachelXblog says:

    I have never thought to try anything like this before but after reading this and when I think about it, it would be pretty easy to do! Good post 🙂 x


  2. Great read very interesting ❤️ Well done shav x


  3. Chante X says:

    Loved this post my friend who is a Rastafarian introduced me to this ital burger which was made of beans. It tasted so good that it got me wanting to become vegetarian myself. – Chanté


  4. Love this post, might give these a try 🙂


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