Beauty Blender cleaning tip ( LIFE SAVER)

I’m sure you all know what a beauty blender is if not you have all been living under a rock but anyways here is a picture of the famous makeup application sponge
This little thing is a vital part of everyones makeup bag nowadays and has many uses.
BUT there is a downfall there incredibly hard to keep clean well they were untill I found out this little tip which I am going to share with you all today ! 
See how clean my babies are now ?
well here is my little tip on how to get them like new 
First thing to do is buy a bar of soap.
I’m sure everyone has one of these lying around the house so grab one of those .
Now get your dirty beauty blender or makeup sponge 
Wait lemme show you the bottom of it so we can compare later 
see how dirty that is ?? 
Then this is the fun part watch the magic….
Start rubbing the beauty blender with the soap
 and then rinse it and redo until the beauty blender is spotless!

Ready to see a before and after and be shocked ?




The beauty blender also increases its size to almost double when wet.

So I hope you enjoyed this quick little blog and you learnt something from it !
Make sure to contact me on my social media websites
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Snapchat : beautyfruity17 
Chat soon xx

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Liam Walsh says:

    I bought my gf loads of the beauty blenders but she never even anounced it on her snapchat. Come to think of it she never accounded anything I bought her. 😂


  2. Joanne Burke says:

    Works wonders 😍


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