Review on the Modern Renaissance Palette and eye look.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of this palette by now because it is everywhere ! And I can honestly say this is by FAR my favourite palette of all time.If you follow me on snapchat and watch my tutorials you will know that I love creating eye looks with burnt oranges and  cranburry shades.Its my favourite eye look on me because oranges make blue eyes pop! and I have blue eyes.

 Ok so lets get on with the Review !
So this palette has 14 eyeshadows that are a mix of oranges /pink and reds.It has mostly matte shades and the pigmentation is amazing in this palette even without an eyeshadow base.

Lets take a look at all the shades.
  1. Tempera is the first shade and it is a light beige with a little sheen.
  2. Raw Sienna is one of my favourite shades its a medium brown shade which is the perfect transition shade.
  3. Golden Ochre is a beautiful shade its mostly matte but has some golden undertones.
  4. Burnt Orange is my favourite shade its orange obvs hence the name it has warm undertones and a matte finish.
  5. Vermeer is the next shade its a perfect inner highlight colour , its a bright peachy shade with a sheen.
  6. Primavera is the last shade on this picture  its also a peachy colour but with more golden undertones its a lightly metallic finish.
  1. Buon Fresco is the first shade on this picture and its a light mauve shade with a matte finish.
  2. Red Ochre is a gorgeous shade its a reddish brown with warm undertones and again matte finish which are my favourite types of eyeshadow finishes 
  3.  Antique Bronze is a dark brown with reddish undertones.
  4.  Venetian red is a more muted shade to love letter its still matte.
  5.  Love letter is as cute as the name is a dark berry pink with cool undertones and its the perfect shade.
  6.  Warm taupe is a lovely shade to have a clear base its a taupe-brown and matte finish
  7.  Cyprus umber is a deep brown with warmer undertones and a matte finish perfect to darken up the outer V
  8.  Realgar is a medium -dark orange-brown shade  and is perfect I love it for making the perfect smokey eye.
As you can see I have been using mine a little too much and its well loved.
When I first felt the brush I thought it felt really cheap and plasticily  but once I used it I fell in love its the best blending brush I have ever used and I’ve used a lot!And the other side of the brush is brilliant for packing on shades and for blending shades on the bottom lash line.
I can already tell this palette will be hitting pan before I know and it will be very used on a day to day routine!
For the eye look I created .


After doing my brows I placed Tempera all over my lid to have a white base to make the colours more vibrant.

I then placed vermeer on my brow bone to highlight it and also in the inner corner.
I then started blending raw sienna into my crease and just above it as I have hooded eyelids this will give the look of a higher crease.

Over that shade I blended in the shade burnt orange this is the most perfect shade ever im obsessed ! At this stage your eye should look something like this 

The next step is to darken up that outer V and just to give the eye a bit more dimension and shape. I used Red Ochre with the blending brush that came with the palette. I blended that just in the outer V.

 Like so 
 it should look like this then.
     Finally I added the shade Primavera to the center of my eye .

I then added liner and made a wing and also brought it in the inner corner a bit.I used the Kiko Gel Liner and I love this liner.
Popped on some lashes these ones are the BOMB there only 3 euro ?? Unreal! 
And then there ya go 
Such an easy eye look 
Hope you all enjoyed and if anyone else has this palette do let me know!
Don’t forget to enter my competition on Instagram before it closes at the end of this week .
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Snapchat : beautyfruity17 
byee ox

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  1. Liam Walsh says:

    So many vibrant colours !! The shades are really for all year round even them dull days !!! that pallet has it all 🙂 I need to buy that pallet for myself because my mammy says boys don't wear makeup but I disagree with her on so many levels us men can do what ever we like 😀 equality 😍


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