Review on the Nima Brushes

Last week I received this very generous parcel from Nima Brush . I was so excited to try and review these brushes which I have heard so much about and have they lived up to the expectations ?? eh hell YEAH!! I’m gonna talk about the brushes I received and my thoughts on them.
So the first brush I’m gonna talk about is the ‘CAROLINE’ brush.
This is a medium sized stippling brush which I think is perfect for blending in the concealer under your eyes or your foundation if you have a smaller face.The hair on these are so so soft I think its the softest stippling brush I have ever felt.
Also the names on these brushes are so so cute and make the brush look so sleek and pretty as you can see.
The next brush I’m gonna talk about is one of my favs its called the ‘BLAITHIN’.

This brush can be used for blush or for highlight which I use it mostly for.Its made from pony hair.I think everyone needs a domed precision blush brush.
You can nearly see how soft it is and if you have this brush you will know what I’m talking about.There is so much of the hairs and there all so soft and so easy to clean.I just love these brushes and I’m defo going to buy some more! 
Such a cute name for this brush.
The next brush is the ‘TARA’ and its the perfect brush for contouring and bronzing its a nice small one so its perfect for detail.
This brush can also be used to apply blush if desired. This is the smallest angle contour brush I ever used and its so much easier to use than a normal size one.
 Again the hairs are incredibly soft.These brushes are all so cheap and affordable and in my opinion better than my expensive brushes and there irish ?? Amazing.
The next brush is the ‘FUZZ’ this brush has the cutest name ever its so fun!
Where has this brush been all my life ?? I never knew how much I needed this kind of brush its size is perfect for covering my whole lid with one colour and with only one sweep.Also its PERFECT for highlighting the cheeks. 
This is a large shader brush and the hairs are so soft like them all I  cant express how soft they all are.But the one thing that makes me favour these brushes are the handle of the brushes they have the nicest texture ever! Niamh messaged me on snapchat and told me its matte velvet for expert holding and applying I cant even try to explain how the handle feels but its just so soft and velvety.
The last brush I was delighted when I received it because I was in need of getting a new one of these brushes and its a pencil brush. and its called ‘LADY’.
This stubby tapered eye brush is an essential brush in any kit.Its perfect for applying shadow to the lower lash line or my personal favourite when im doing a cut-crease its perfect for blending it in while getting a sharp cut.
I have already use this brush to death and it is no longer to beautiful white colour it was when I received it.Also these brushes came to me in 2 days of the company getting in contact with me ! Thats incredibly fast time to receive your order! I was delighted.
So thats all the brushes I received from the lovely people at Nima Brushes but it wont be the only 5 I have I have already made an order with the coupon code they gave me with 5euro off your next order how amazing is that ? With every purchase they give you a code to get 5 euro of your next order that is brilliant.I cant wait for my new ones to come I ordered the Harley which I have heard LOADS about on instragram.
They also have such a selection to choose from and for such a reasonable price you cant go wrong.
You can purchase the brushes on their website at and you will have fun picking out your new brushes.
Hope you enjoyed this read I have lots of exciting new things coming so stay tuned! 
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Until next tuesday ! bye ox

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  1. alexsnuex says:

    Great review! Those brushes look really good & love how they are Irish


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