My Top favourite perfumes

 Here is a picture of my top 5 favourite perfumes. 

I LOVE perfumes and own many different brands and types.I was asked to narrow it down to my top 5 and here they are, Hope you enjoy 🙂
There are 2 body spritz and 3 perfumes.A few of these perfumes I have re-purchased and they are my faves for years.
They are:
1 .Lancome La Vie Est Belle.

 Mine is the 50ml bottle.I have re-purchased this twice and I just LOVE it! Its a strong smell so you don’t need a lot so it lasts ages which is ideal.You can get this in boots and its 76 euro for the 50ml and only 57 euro for the 30ml I defo recommend this perfume for all ages.


2.Alien by Thierry Mugler.


This is by far my favourite perfume of all time.I think this is my 5th bottle of it so far its such a gorgeous floral scent and literally lasts forever on you.Its reasonably priced too its 39 euro for the 30ml in boots which is not that expensive.

3. Laugh with me LeeLee by benefit.

This was my first ime trying out benefit perfume and I must say its gorgeous.It has a very distincint smell.The bottle is so pretty aswell.I got this as a gift and I’m glad I did as I would never buy a benefit perfume but from now on Ill consider it.
4.Love Spell by Victoria Secret.
My friend first had this and I was ages trying to get it and when I was going on holidays to Italy I finally got it in the airport.It has the most fruity smell ever.Mines almoat gone but il defo be repurchasing it.There is a funny story behind this perfume it almost didn’t make it back to ireland with me as it was over 100ml but I got it in !
5.Tease by Victoria secret
Another Victoria secret body mist.This one is a little more expensive as its  a bit stronger so its more like a perfume.Another time I was flying I seen this in Austria Airport and I had to buy it.It was my first time smelling it and it was new to VS at the time.I still have over half left and I use it a lot of the time.
So that was my quick little post.I’m so busy with work so sorry about this little post it will be better next week.I hit 5K on instragram!!! So look out for a giveaway!!
Happy 1st of August! Hope ye all have a great month.
Thanks for reading hope ye enjoyed and learnt something
Siobhan xx
Snapchat: @beautyfruity17
Instragram: @beautyfruity17
Facebook: @beautyfruity17

3 Comments Add yours

  1. great post!
    Could should review Taylor swift's perfume there so nice 🙂


  2. Liam Walsh says:

    Alien perfume cost you nothing 😂 I thought it was your favourite lol I don't know you as well I thought 😊


  3. Liam Walsh says:

    All them smells are bad for your nose someone has you spoiled rotten love !


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