Favourite Inglot Makeup Products

Hey everyone so sorry for the lack of posts in the last few weeks i’ve been ssuuuuuuper busy with work and I just had no time to blog (plus I had writers block)and I wanted to get my utube all set up but i’m back now and I have loads of great blog ideas too so get ready!

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 Im going to share some of my faves from Inglot (It was hard to get the list as small as it is).

If you are living under a rock and dont know what or who  Inglot is go onto their shop and die from amazingness.They have AMAZING products at such a reasonable price My faves is their eyeshadows like €6??? BARGAIN!

Lets get straight into it…

1.Inglot HD Foundation.

If you love Full coverage foundations then you NEED this foundation in your life!It gives you fantastic coverage but yet you don’t look or feel caked.Mine is in the shade 74.

2.Inglot Cream concealer.

So as you can see mine is very loved…
I got mine in the freedom system as it was cheaper and I wanted to get it to try it out and I can say its great! €6 and it lasts ages.I will 100% be repurchasing.I use this as an eye brightener under my eyes and its so creamy and blends like a dream.Mine is in the shade LW100
3.Inglot Sparkling Dust.
If you have not tried out this godly stuff then stop reading this and get to your nearest Inglot or go online and order it now!It literally gives you the best highlight everrrr and it can also be used as a pigment on your eyes , inner highlight on your body the list is endless for this bad boy and my god does it last ages I expected to have this gone by now and I still have tons left.It comes in 3 shades which i plan on buying ASAP this is in the shade 02.
4.Inglot AMC Pigment.

Now this lil guy is precious in my kit.I LOVE all inglots Pigments but this one has to be my fav.I use it daily!Its the most perfect inner corner highlight shade I have ever found.I use it as a highlight aswell becuase why not and also doing spotlight eyes its in the shade 115.
5.Inglot HD sculpting powder.

If you want chizzled cheeks look no further.This needs to be in your makeup bag the easiest most blendable cheapest contour of your life! Sooo many different shades this is my fav in 505.
6.Inglot eyeshadows.

Where to start…I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE SHADOWS.I have so many palettes and im still buying more and more I have never found better shadows and I will never.I have 1 shade in particilur that I most defo can not life without and I have repurchased it MANY times.
335 – My baby. Burnt oranges are my fav looks and this is the perf shade.
Last but not least
7.Inglot Duraline.
This product is a necessity in EVERYONES kit its the most universal product ever and I use it everyday.Sticking on pigments,cleaning up liner,Making gel eyeliner ……..
I cant express how much this changes your life!

So there ae my favourite Inglot Products.
I hope you found this useful and I hope you guys enjoyed 🙂
Thanks veery much for reading and dont forget to add me on all my other social medias and we can be friends.

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See you guys next time 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Liam Walsh says:

    Inglot is so fabulous �� I want it all I want to become a mua all of my life even since birth I was always designing makeup looks I gave my dad two smokey eyes at the age of 9 he called it abuse but I thought they looked very sepectular for a smokey eye ��


  2. oh your so funny arnt ya 😀


  3. Great post! 😀
    Loving your videos


  4. Jenny Lopez says:

    inglot's color palate i have seen, they offer the best eye catchy colors in makeup kit, they have become an international cosmetics brand


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