Beauty wishlist #1

Hey guys welcome back to my blog,This blogpost is all about what my current beauty wishlist .Since my birthday is at the end of October I said I will give a few family members or friends some ideas ūüėČ

So if you follow my snapchat and instragram you will see how I love makeup and I am always buying loads of new makeup.
I have quite a few products that I can’t wait to purchase and until I do I will write a blogpost on them and just hope I can afford them LOL.

Ok I’m just gonna get straight into them starting off with product number 1..
Item 1:
The most item I am waiting for.

The Naked Ultimate Basics Palette.

I mean look at it.It’s PERFECT!!I simply need this in my life.
Item 2:
Second Item .
The glam glow mask.
Seeing this on all the celebs faces really makes me want to try this product out.
Item 3:
Third Item
The stylPro brush cleaner.I think this is a¬†NECESSITY in my life.I don’t want it I NEED it!!¬†Imagine how handy it would be to wash and dry your brushes all in once?? GIMMIE IT
Item 4:
Forth item
Also by Urban Decay this Moondust palette is like the dream.
So much pigment and glitter in one!
Item 5:
Fifth item
KatVonD shade Light contour palette looks so blendable and amazing! I hope to get this soon because we all want them cut cheeks.
Item 6:
Some HUDA BEAUTY lashes who doesn’t want these ? They look so dramatic and fluttery so ya I think these would be a great investment.
So they are my beauty wishlist products at the moment.I hope you enjoyed this blogpost.I hope you enjoyed reading this. 

 Until next time ox

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