Current Skincare routine thats working for me!

Hey guys welcome back to my blog,This blogpost is all about my skincare routing and what I find is working for me at the moment.

So i’m not much of a skincare person but recently I started religiously doing these 3 steps and they have changed my skin for the better!

I have a normal to dry combination skin type.
Want to know my 3 steps?
           3. Moisturise

Three minutes out of my morning and nightly routine for better looking and feeling skin.

1.To cleanse– I use Micellar water (which is a feckin life saver btw).
These are the two ones I use I am currently using the NIVEA one to give it a try so far I’m loving it !
2.To Tone– I recently seen this product on snapchat and couldnt wait to give it a go myself.
I have almost gone through this bottle and I LOVE IT !!!
It tightens my pores and leaves my skin feeling so fresh.
3.To moisturise– I use two different moisturisers and both of them leave my skin soo hydrated!
I use the Garnier moisture bomb at night time its so rich and moisturising its like a mask.
It smells GORGEOUS but when it goes in your eyes..NOT FUN
I can tell this has helped my skin so much.
This NIVEA day cream I use in the morning its a light moisturiser so it isnt too oily but it still does the trick !
Finally to moisturise my lips 
This is the best lip balm I have ever came across.
Hope ye enjoyed
Talk next time

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ive wanted to pick up the Micellar water for some time but whenever I get money I always spend it before purchasing it haha. But I will pick it up some day haha 🙂


  2. I totally love Burts Bees! All of their range; nice choice!


  3. Sharlaslife says:

    Amazing nivea os rllh good


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