Primark Cream contouring sticks ? YES or NO ?

Hey guys welcome back to my blog so todays post is all about the Primark P.S Love contouring sticks.
So I recently purchased these in Pennys/Primark obvsss.
They are €3.50 which is a great price but are they worth it ??
So three sticks are in the  packet a ”Highlight” shade a ”bronze” shade and finally a ”Contour” shade. A sharpener is also included.
How to apply:

So I used the ”Bronze” shade as I felt the ”Contour” shade would be too dark and I placed it in the areas I wanted some shadowing.
My temples , my forehead , the sides of my nose and of course my cheeks.
Using a beauty blender to blend it in.
As you can see it gave a nice suttle contour not to much but its very build-able.
The ”Highlight” shade.
Yes or No on the contour sticks? 

  • First of all I was soo suprised at how easy they blended I was not expecting them to blend as easy as they did.
  • The variety of shades was limited if someone had darker skin I don’t think this would work.
  • The smell is quite unpleasant but it isn’t  completely off putting.
  • Apart from the highlight shade being a bit to ”Yellow” for me I was really impressed with these contour sticks.I would 100% recommend these and for the price you can’t go wrong!
  • These would be PERFECT for someone on a budget or even if your wanting to splurge out of contour sticks but if your not sure if you will like them or not.  

So YES to trying these out!
Here was my final look using these contour sticks!

Thanks so much for reading! 
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Until next time 

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  1. Sharlaslife says:

    Amazinggg love uuuu


  2. Sharlaslife says:

    Amazinggg love uuuu


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