Favourite M.A.C makeup products.

Hey guys so welcome back to my blog this post is gonna be my favorite M.A.C makeup products a few weeks back I did my favorite Inglot products and it got quite a lot of views so I said I would do my top M.A.C products for you all!

1.  Eyeshadow Pans :

M.A.C Eyeshadows are €7.00 WHICH is very reasonable pried for the quality.There are many amazing shades! One of my favs is ‘NYLON’ which is the best inner corner highlight and brow bone.

2. Pro Longwear concealer :

This is my all time favourite concealer ever ! A few years ago when I had terrible skin I would use this as a foundation.This concealer literally covers all!

3.Lipsticks of corse :

I think everyone knows about MAC Lipsticks and alot of people have them as they are the best lipsticks ever!
I have loads of mac lipsticks and my fav is ‘creme in your coffee’

4. Pro longwear blushes:

I think M.A.C Blushes are my favorite blushes of all time.My favorite shade is this one here called ‘Tenderling’ it was my first MAC blush I bought and its been my favourite ever since.

5. Brush Cleanser :
This takes EVERYTHING off your makeup brushes it is the bomb!!
6. Minerlize skin-finish highlighter :

Look at this perfection! This gives you the most perfect glow from suttle to BLINDING!!This is the shade ”Soft & Gentle”.
7. Minerlize Skin Finish Powder.

I love this powder for setting my under eyes and my whole face.
So thats my fav M.A.C products!
I hope you all enjoyed.

One Comment Add yours

  1. I love the single eyeshadows! I made my own little quad a couple of years ago and really love using it!

    Great post!
    Francesca xx


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