Battle of the basics

Hey guys welcome back to my blog.So todays blogpost is gonna be a Naked Basics VS Naked Basics 2 .
Which is the better basics ? I hope you all enjoy !

So when you look quickly you would think these two palettes are the same but from a makeup addicts prospective these palettes are very different.But which one would I say is the best ?

Naked Basics Original : On the Left is the Naked Basics Original the main thing about this palette which sticks out to me is the Matte Back shadow it has at the end of the palette! I feel this is a necessity to any good palette.The next shade which is the perfect shade in this palette is the first one, it is the perfect highlight shade and brow bone shade!

Naked Basics 2 : Naked basics 2 is on the right above and as you can see the black is more of a grey black rather than a dark matte black.But the brown shadow near the end is a really gorgeous transition shade.

So which is the better palette ??
I 100% Think if your stuck on which to buy that the Naked Basics Original is the one to buy ! You can create very natural day looks and even smokey night times looks all in all this is one of the best palettes to bring around with you and I think the best of the Basics!

Thank you all for reading!
Hope you enjoyed

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