My top 5 — Foundations.

Hey guys so I always get asked what my favorite foundation , highlight , bronzer ect is so I decided to start this little section just to talk about my top ones  at the moment!

Now just to bare in mind these are just my favorite at  them moment and these change due to seasons , how my skin is , if I have tan on or not ….

So I’m going to start it off talking about my Top 5 Foundations.

So right now these are my top 5 foundations but like I said these change quite a lot.
1. M.AC Pro Longwear – This just does at it says it stays long on your skin.At the moment I just am loving this foundation.The shade is just perfect on me and I just love the finish it leaves on your face.
Mine is in the shade NC15 and it suits my no tanned body perfectly.
2. Bourjois Healthy mix foundation – This is PERFECT for them no makeup days its so sheer and light coverage ( but very buildable) its just a very natural makeup and I love it for just a lil bit of coverage.
Would recommend this to anybody who doesnt like full coverage makeup.
3.Inglot HD Foundation.- Now for quite the opposite the most coverage foundation I have ever come across.Its full thick coverage that will cover just about anything.
If you dont like full coverage stay well away from this but I LOVE IT!! It lasts all day and covers all them spots.
4.L’oreal Infaliable 24HR.-If you are from snapchat you will be sick of hearing me on about this foundation but I just cant get enough of it.Its so cheap!So amazing on my skin.Lasts all day and gives a gorgeous suttle glow.
I just cant talk about this enough I have gone through so many bottles and I will continue to buy more.
5.M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid – Last but not least , Now I have a love hate relationship with this foundation.I have been using it for years but I go through phases of hating it and loving it.
The smell is the most unpleasant thing ever but I just have to admit to using it recently.I dunno what it is about this foundation that keeps pushing and pulling me away from it.
So that was it for todays post I hope ye enjoyed.Next week I will have my top 5 concealers so stay tuned for that.
Don’t forget to add me on snapchat : beautyfruity17

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