Top places I’ve Travelled.


Hey guys welcome back to my blog so todays post is my Top places I’ve Travelled.

I’ve travelled quite a bit and seen so many beautiful places.

These are my top favourite , ( NOT in any order )

1.Mallorca ( Majorca )aaaaa

As you can see Mallorca is an Island of spain. I have gone to Mallorca twice!

One year we went to an awesome dolphin and seal show


There are some beautiful views here as we travelled around the island in our cool rental car.



I’m sure you all know france.I really loved france and defo had to b mentioned in my top places.

We stayed in a camoing resort and it was our first time doing that and we had a really good experience with it and would defpo do again.

Here is our houseimg_9729

The best part of this holiday was we went to a drive tru safari whre the animals could stick their head in the cars it was so much fun.

I also played gold for the first time (even if it was crazy golf)

3.Italy –  aaaaa

Italy was one of the best experiences I had it was my first holiday without my family and it was so fantastic.



We did everything went to venice , visited romeo and juliets balcany , went up a mountain it was just the best.



4.Austria – austria_map

I also went here without my family this is one of the most beautiful cities ever Vienna.Everything is so pretty and all the buildings are beautiful.


Its the most breath taking city I have ever seen

Everything is so beautiful!



So there are some of my favourite places I’ve Travelled to.

Whats yours ?

Hope you enjoyed





16 Comments Add yours

  1. Serena Reidy says:

    I love France and Italy too! Austria is somewhere I’d really like to visit 🙂

    Serena /


  2. PixieOX says:

    I would love to go to Italy. Rome is defo on the agenda. Mmm one of favourite places were morocco or Dubai. Pixie xx


  3. izziefarebro says:

    I would love to go to Italy! Great post! x


  4. Lisa says:

    I love all your pictures. Such amazing places you’ve been 💕 My favourite place I’ve been is Lanzarote, mainly because of who I went with but the island is visually stunning too ❤️

    Lisa |


  5. Jade Writes says:

    Great post! My favourite places are Brussels and Taragona 💖


  6. Wow, you’ve travelled to lots of places around Europe. I LOVE the retro photos!

    Hazel –


  7. morgs90 says:

    Wow that Safari looks AMAZING! Gorgeous photos and post x
    Morgan /


  8. Ashley says:

    I can see why those would be favorites of your travels! Would love to visit any of those places one day, especially Italy. My favorite destinations so far have been NYC and the Virgin Islands.


  9. Olivia Alesha says:

    I really want to go to Italy, your photos are fabulous by the way!
    -Olivia Xxx


  10. JustRere says:

    Austria looks nice. I lived in Liege, Belgium for a year. You should visit, they have the best chocolate and waffles.


  11. Natasha says:

    I really want to go to Italy and Australia, I’ve been to France and Majorca but I’d love to experience more places

    Tasha x


  12. Sophie says:

    Loved the post! Austria and Italy looked beautiful!!



  13. You’ve been to some wonderful places, I’ve never visited any of them. Great photos.

    Sharon x


  14. Melissa X says:

    I would love to go to Italy! great post!

    Melissa x


  15. Chloe says:

    I’d love to go to austria and Italy!! Would love to see Juliet’s Balcony 😍😭


  16. This is a lovely post! Ive always wanted to go to Italy too, it looks beautiful and your photographs do certainly do it justice! X


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