My Top Christmas Songs

Hey guys So as we get closer and closer to christmas I said I will share with you all my favourite christmas songs ! Its crazy to think its soon 2017! Anyway here is my list Fairytale Of New York . This is just a classic I think this is on everyones list ! Justin…… Continue reading My Top Christmas Songs

Christmas gift ideas

Hey guys ! So for this blogpost I’m gonna show you all this amazing Christmas set from Bellamianta. They sent me this brilliant set to show you all and wait till yous see! So this is one of their 4 Christmas sets this Christmas.This one is the ”Rapid – Shake a Tail Feather ” This…… Continue reading Christmas gift ideas

Why you need Rescue Remedy

Hey guys welcome back to my blooog. Hope you all had a good day ! So this blog-post is all about how good rescue remedy is and how I use it. If your unaware with rescue remedy its a flower remedy that helps deal wit stress and anxiety in times of need.A lot of people…… Continue reading Why you need Rescue Remedy

Best cheap lippie ?

Hey guys Wanna know about the best liquid lippie that lasts all day and is soo affordable ? Who doesn’t!!!   So this is the NYX Soft matte lip cream , its a little liquid lippie and what I love so much about it is how small it is.It literally fits in your pocket or…… Continue reading Best cheap lippie ?

New Belllamianta BeBella Bronzed dry shimmering oil!

HI HI HI GUYS! Look at this amazing product I have to show you guys Its the new shimmer oil by Bellamianta tan.Look at all those shimmers its BEAUTIFUL!! Doesn’t it just look devine. It smells gorgeous and I am so in love with this product omg. So the first pic is when I just…… Continue reading New Belllamianta BeBella Bronzed dry shimmering oil!