L’oreal Pure Clay mask worth the hype ?

Hey guys so for todays blogpost I said I would test out the very populour L’oreal pure clay mask and see my thoughts on it.


So this is EVERYWHERE right now .

It comes in a little pot with 10 applications


So this it just applied to my face, I put it where I would have blackhead problems. The smell of this mask is so nice its like fresh and its a really nice smell.



As you can see it dried into my pores to clean out the dirt which is what you would expect from a detox mask so I was happy it did that.

I took the mask off after about 15 mins with garnier miceller water.


So my face is quite red in the areas I had the mask but overall It worked well and my face seems nice and smooth where I applied.

Is it worth the hype ??????

My final thoughts is NO its not worth the hype as there is many detox masks that do the exact same thing and are much cheaper.Although it did work well and felt nice its too raved about .


So thats todays blog I hope yous enjoyed




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  1. Liam says:

    Would this item be as natural as cow manure? Or how would the two fair out ? Cow manure is good for the skin and it’s completely free unless the farmer catches ya when your in a hole lot of dung 🙂


  2. Liam says:

    Is this item really worth it ? When there is natural cow manure right outside your back door, it’s completely free until the Irish government find out about it , so why waste money on a product when cow manure is completely free. Just be careful if the farmer catches you, your in a heap of dung 😉


  3. Megan says:

    Completely agree with you bought it a few weeks ago and it made me break out in places I’ve never had a spot before it brought all the dirt to the surface but it didn’t take it out of my pores leaving my blackheads even mkre visible and caused redness to my skin lasting a few hours


  4. rachelXblog says:

    Good post! It’s good to see other people’s opinions on this mask! I personally love it! I wouldn’t use micellar water to remove it though, just warm water and a muslin cloth or bamboo cloth – the garnier micellar water may react against what’s in the mask! Just a thought tho lovely! Great post 🙂 x


  5. Yiota says:

    I am glad to read your honest review! I have been using lots of clay masks for ages and I love how my skin feels after I use one. These new Loreal masks are everywhere at the moment and I was wondering if they do the work or not.



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