Why you need Rescue Remedy

Hey guys welcome back to my blooog.

Hope you all had a good day !

So this blog-post is all about how good rescue remedy is and how I use it.


If your unaware with rescue remedy its a flower remedy that helps deal wit stress and anxiety in times of need.A lot of people use this coming up to times of exams or nervous times and it helps so much.

I have only ever used the spray and the chewing gum and I will defo invest in more rescue remedy products because I love how much these help me in my times of need.

I suffer with anxiety and whenever I am feeling extra anxious or nervous a spray of this or else a chewing gum and I al calmed down and ready then.

I have 2 sprays one in my handbag at all times and a spare one and I always have some of the chewing gum in my car.


If your someone who deals with stress or anxiety or if you have something coming up that you will be nervous for I advise buying one of their products whatever it may be.They are available in all health care shops and some pharmacies.


Their products are so cheap and I just love them so much.

I hope you enjoyed and learnt about how I overcome my anxiety and hopefully you all will have this to help yous too


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  1. I’m currently using the chewing gum and it works really well for me, I’ve tried the little sweets you get in a tin and they work really well too, the only down side is the packaging because the lid kept coming off in my bag and they would spill out. But this is such a great post I would recommend this to anyone x


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