What to get your man?

Men there frickin hard to buy for or is it only me that thinks its impossible to buy for men.

So since its almost Valentines Day I pilled together a list of things you can buy your man this valentines day!I need to take note of my own notes! This list is also handy for birthdays and christmas.

So starting off with the first item.

  1. So you gotta think is the man in your life whether it be you dad,boyfriend,brother or grandad into sport ?If yes then you are lucky, you can get them tickets to a match or their fav teams jersey.
  2. Are they into gaming ? Xbox,Ps4 or PC! Easy get them their fav game or buy them Xbox Live for a few months.There is always new games coming out so theres loads to choose from.
  3. Next is cars lots of men love cars so there very easy to buy petrol or diesel vouchers?Air freshers,Voucher for new tyres,also you could make up a hamper of car washing tools and car shampoos and give them to him (if he’s anything like my boyfriend he will love this idea).
  4. Tools its like the makeup for guys so many to choose from I dont understand any of them but ya men do.
  5. Adventure days there is so many ones to choose from online for men like flying a helicopter,driving a race car,4/4 jeep driving so many.
  6. Tattoo vouchers
  7. A new phone
  8. Shoes or clothes some actually are into fashion like us.
  9. And a good aul aftershave set or razers are always a good one.

So ya Theres a list of gifts to get the men in your life,I hope this helped you all because I know I love reading lists ideas online.

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. CONNXVI says:

    i would be super happy with all of them so great tips!!!


  2. We are not doing Valentine’s Day so not something to worry about just now. But I did have trouble finding him a gift for christmas. I ended up buying Worms on PS4 and a really nice jumper from Marks & Spencer but for next year, maybe tickets for the six nations! xx C&K


  3. Kayleigh Zara says:

    This is s great gift guide and vary varied which is so useful! Great post x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. coffeeandcoats says:

    I actually love this post because I struggle so much to find some for my boyfriend!!



  5. My BF is so hard to buy for! I always look for inspo posts like this. Yours is really great!


  6. Melissa X says:

    This is such a helpful post! my boyfriend is so hard to buy for!

    Love, Melissa x


  7. Great ideas lovely!! Men are so hard to buy for, for sure! xox


  8. Great post! Boys are so hard to buy for at times aren’t they! And they say us girls are fussy…
    c x


  9. My boyfriend is so fussy I’ll probably end up getting him a clothing voucher or some FIFA points and maybe a few chocolate bits

    Tasha x



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