Fav Yankee Candles

No matter how many I buy I still will never have enough…Yankee Candles are my favourite of all candles the variety of scents,How long they last and the smelllsss they only thing I dont like about them is the price.But we will get over that.Today I have compiled a list of my top 5 fav ones (which was quite hard may I add ).

My fav kind of scents are sweet and fresh ones rather than a strong musky smell.


Numero 1-Lake sunset.

So my favourite one is Lake Sunset it is from the Fresh range and its just the perfect fresh room scent.Excuse how manky it looks i should of wiped away the black ah well but I will defo be repurchasing another one because sadly this one is slowly burning away.


Vanilla Lime.

When I first got this I didnt love it but now I’m obsessed with it.Its such a nice sweet smell its from the Fruit range and its just so nice.Will defo buy the bigger one of these.


Another fruit-Pink Grapefruit.

I love Pink Grapefruit anything just had to get this one its the nicest ever.From the fruit collection again its just divine.Again excusee the black.I just shows how much I love it.


Cranberry Ice

I have a love hate relationship with this one but it had to be mentioned I go from loving this to hating this in seconds but its a fav none the less.Another fruit one.


Clean cotton.

This bad boy is a repurchase and always will be.Is just so clean and fresh and I love light this in your room and it will be so fresh in just a couple of minutes!From the fresh collection if you hadnt guessed.In love.

So there ya go my top 5 yankee candle scents I hope ye learned something about me from my scents.

Do let me know yer favourite scents wether they be yankee candles or just any scent!

Bye lovliess xxx

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Terri says:

    Ooh that pink grapefruit one sounds amazing!

    Terri x


  2. elljane says:

    I love pink grapefruit and pink sands 😍


  3. I’ve been wanting to try out some of their candles for a while now! This was so handy and I’m in love with the pink grapefruit one 😍😍I know which one I’m definitely getting my hands on! Thank you for this post x


  4. The vanilla lime looks delicious!
    I must admit I’ve never owned a Yankee candle but there are so many lush flavours I wouldn’t know which to get first!
    Great post xxx

    The Frugal Teen | http://thefrugalteen.wixsite.com/thefrugalteen


  5. Clean cotton is one of my absolute faves 😍😍 I got Christmas cookie over winter and it’s honestly so nice I’m scared I’m going to run out 😫😫 xo


  6. I love Yankee Candles. We have so manny around the flat and it smells so good when they are lit! xx C&K


  7. beautyblitzblog says:

    Like you, I quite like musky scents. That vanilla lime is on my to buy list, and I’d recommend Oud Oasis too! I loved it!


  8. bbbryony says:

    I love the smell of the cranberry one, one of my favs!


  9. I love yankee candles, they’re pricy but by far the best! The scents are so true to life, i especially love clean cotton its perfect if you want to fill a room with a really natural clean scent! – Maria | MariaJ


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