How I spent my Valentines evening.

Valentines Day love it or hate it you cant ignore all the flowers teddy bears and chocolates being overpriced in the shops.I personally think its a money racket and you should love and cherish your partners everyday,but it is a excuse to spoil them and hopefully get spoiled too. Which I did!!

I am lucky enough to have this amazing fella in my life.This is our second Valentines Day together and I am so grateful.

I was working during the day and he was in college but we did go for a gorgeous dinner at 8pm.

We shared a starter which was delicious .
Then the yummy main corse.

We didnt get a dessert in the chinese but we did go to supermacs and order 14 of these delicious cookies omg they are the best.

There warm and gooey and unreal

We took them home and had some tea they were delicious.

After that he spoiled me with some roses,chocolates,cute lil muffin and a beautiful card.He had bought me some makeup goodies previous.

He really is too good.

I had a really good evening I hope you all did too.

Let me know what ye all did yesterday x


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14 Comments Add yours

  1. effieisbored says:

    This is my perfect valentines. Simple and easy going. The food looked so food btw!


  2. Terri says:

    Aw sounds like you had a lovely night! Food looks so yummy!

    Terri x


  3. This was a great way of celebrating Valentine’s day and the food looks amazing! My boyfriend lives in another city so we were not together yesterday! But we’ll catch up this weekend ahah xx C&K


  4. aysemerved says:

    Great post! 😊


  5. Aww what a cute way to spend Valentine’s Day!x


  6. Aww this is so cute. If I did a post on what I did, it’d be lame haha. My Valentines day consisted of a face time date with my boyfriend who’s away at Army training, but still was nice. It’s just nice to know you have your bestfriend by your side – whether they’re physically with you or not.


  7. Kayleigh Zara says:

    This is such a cute way to spend Valentine’s! The meal looks amazing and really delicious, me and my boyfriend had a homemade meal together it was lovely x


  8. Melissa says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely night! Great post!

    Love, Melissa x


  9. Alisha Ceit says:

    Sounds like you had a good night, what a great way to spend Valentines Day! xx


  10. Looks super fun and the food looks great! Happy you enjoyed it😘


  11. Georgia says:

    Lovely read! Sounds like you had an amazing night! X


  12. notsphiwe says:

    I completely agree with about your stance in Valentine’s Day! I loved how you two spent it!
    Sipiwe //


  13. This sounds like a cute evening. I absolutely adore Valentine’s Day, I think it’s great!


  14. micheylou96 says:

    Aw this sounds lovely! Great post x


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