Bronze Goddess 

Hello friends 

I feel like summer is officially here esp with this fab weather.Todays post is VERY summery so pretty so fab just wait!!

So Esteé Lauder come out with a Bronze Goddess Collection every summer but this years is out of this world I had to write a blogpost about it.

So I’m gonna start with my favourite product in this collection which is this AMAZING highlighter if the packaging of it doesnt suck you in then look at this swatch I have never omg get on my face

Another fave is the perfume.They come out with the original skinscent every year but this is a limited edition and its just so beautiful perfect for summer a light yet flattering scent.

Then this is the original perfume smells like Malibo and summer in one.

Then this is the new limited edition personally my fav 😍

There is two lipsticks both creamy and hydrating perfect for  beach makeup looks.Here is a swatch of both.

The bronzer that we all know and love

Then this baby, a palette that blush and them eyeshadows which is also a pretty highlighter oh perfect.

This also caught my eye its a shimmer oil for your body and hair so pretty for colar bones and legs here is how it looks altough It made my hair look a bit greasy when I sprayed it on my hair but I think I added too much PLUS it smells like the perfume.Let me bathe in it!

Few other bits then like body scrub and lotion 😍

So ya that is the collection I hope you enjoyed this post.Something different x

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Thanks so much for reading Until next time x

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. This whole collection looks incredible! Especially that bronzer! It looks so perfect for summer!
    PaleGirlRambling xo


  2. zaramcintosh says:

    This is the perfect range for Summer! My friend was wearing the perfume and it truly is the scent for summer, I also love the lip glow shades!
    Zara xx


  3. I bet they have been creating that collection all year! Everything looks so pigmented and perfect!


  4. This entire collection looks ridiculously perfect – especially that first highlighter! Might be feeling spendy now! 🙂


  5. emilyxonline says:

    These look amazing!! 😍


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