My sunny day off.


Hello my lovelies, Hope your all well

So last week I actually had a day off that was sunny so me and Liam my boyfriend and my little baby dora ( the dog btw )head off to the beach she had never been so I was so exicited to bring her!

Look at her lil face


It was so good to just relax in actually warm weather not a usual thing here in Ireland.I love the beach and the water so it was just fab to just sit and watch(We went into the water but my god it was freezing).


We then went to this walk around an old house which also has like funfair rides and boat rides but sadly it wasnt open for the summer yet which was annoying.


When we came home we had a gorgeous Barbaque and I sat outside and did some stuff for work and had a face mask and a cheeky glass of Rose.



Overall it was a fab day spent with le faves a well needed chill day.

Thanks so much for reading, Until next time

Beautyfruity17 xxx

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