All about my Hair Extensions

Hey Guys Welcome back to my blog its been a while I apologise crazy stuff has been happening I moved out into my own apartment which Il talk about again but this post is all about my extensions that I got about a month ago.


So for as long as I can remember I have always wanted to get hair extensions because my hair is very thin and doesn’t grow fast.I had been told by so many people ”Oh there not worth it and they are so expensive , there is so much maintance with extensions  ect ect.”

I finally decided to go get them done that I will see how much work they really are.I had heard so much about Platinum Extensions and that they were really good and lasted months in you hair so I decided to go and make and appoitment.

And am I glad I did!

The reason I left it this long to do a post all bout the extensions is I wanted to give it time to see if there was any hastle with them or anything.

Has there?

Hell no to be honest sometimes I forget that I have them in at all.The washing is basically the same without them , styling is better and more fun as I have more to do.They are honestly a dream!

When I tell people to this day that I have extensions in they want to see them in as they dont believe me because they are so real looking.I have not lost one bond in the almost 2 months I’ve had them , I was told its normal to lose one or two nope there so secure but not at all sore on my scalp which I thought they would be.

Honestly can not praise them enough.

Like look for yourself

How stunning!

My hair before was so thin and dry I can honestly say I will 1000000% be getting them again after the 5-6 months.I couldn’t be without them at this stage!

I got mine done in the Galway store which is located in the Eyre Square shopping centre.

The gal in there was so lovely and we got on like a house on fire! Of corse they spoiled me with goodies which was soo unnecessary!Just shows how lovely they really are.

If you wanna check out their website il leave it here also with their Galway store number.

platinum website

091 567 787
086 140 9726

E-mail: .

Thanks for reading this post guys

see ye in the next one



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