Clear tan???First Impressions

Ever heard of clear tan??As in looks like water?Sounds interesting right,

Well its a real thing and I kindly got sent this from the amazing company bellamianta.


Bellamianta is a luxury tan company based and manufactured here in Ireland!!How cool.I am using there original tanning mouse for just over a year now and I am in love and if your from snapchat you will know its all I ever use. Its the only tan that will last ages and wear off evenly so its not patchy coming off ( nothing worse).

So I was very exicited to try this when it landed in the post.



It has some amazing benefits that a regular tan doesn’t have

    Tanning without the guide colour. That’s the dream and that’s what we’ve made happen. This tanning mousse is completely transfer resistant with no tinted guide colour. Resulting in Streak free even tan without the mess and without the drama.
    The ultra-smart hydration system ensures that while the tan dries in in 60 seconds, the light formulas are still working to hydrate the skin ensuring that the tan wears of evenly with none of the dreaded snakeskin effect.
    Free from parabens, harsh chemicals, parfume, alcohol, silicones and more, we believe in giving our customers the best, healthiest and cleanest formuals. The Crystal Clear Tanning Mousse offers clean, nutritious tanning that’s kind to the skin and that actually works.

How amazing its main benefit is NO TRANSFER that is the dream.So I put it to the test I put white bedsheets on my bed before tanning and before sleeping to see can this really be true….lets see the before

nice clean sheet featuring dora my little princess.

See them pasty legs and arms not for long


It was a little weird rubbing in the mousse and not seeing the tan instantly on your skin.


are we ready for the result……

is that white sheets and a sleepy chihuahua I see ?

Ignore the white hands I always add their skin perfecting instant tan to my hands but hadnt before this pic.

But look at that GORGEOUS natural tan looks like a nice tan you got on holidays not orange or streaky which I was very suprised by because you cant see it when applying it.

I am very impressed!!!

Well done to Bellamiante on creating the WORLD’S 1ST – CRYSTAL CLEAR ‘RAPID’ SELF TANNING MOUSSE.


You can shop this product here.

Make sure to check them out on instagram and facebook.

Hope you enjoyed this first Impressions post.

I shall talk to you all soon but until then come say hey on my other social medias


Beautyfruity17 .


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