Time to clear out that skin

Happy new year guys hope you all had a lovely Christmas and spent time with your family and friends.But since the holidays are all over now sadly our skin is getting the worst of all the chocolate and alcohol.So in order to clear all that out of our system I have a few products to show you that will do just the trick!


The lovely people over at T-Zone have kindly sent me a few products to try out.They sent me an amazing box filled with goodies in the cutest box.

The first product I tried out was the Charcoal and Bamboo Black Peel Off Mask.I’ve tried out these kind of masks before and love them.The bottle is a great size and would last ages.


Plus the satisfaction of peeling the mask off is brilliant.These kind of masks are such a nice treat once a week to really deep clean the pores.

The next product I used is definitely the most interesting and something I’ve never seen before.

There black cleansing wipes.

When I opened the packet and seen them I was like ‘ahhh”omg’ basically there was a lot of suprise!! There just so cool.

Now these babies I adore.There nose pore strips.They go onto the skin for a couple of minutes you peel them off and you get to see all the junk inside your pores.Again insanely satisifying yet disgusting all the same!


Even though they are nose strips I also used it on my chin as I would have lot of problem with blackheads on my chin.


Lastly I cleansed my skin with the ultra purifying face wash.Again its Charcoal and Bamboo  so its perfect for really deeply cleansing the skin.


All these products are designed for deeply cleaning the skin and unclogging pores.They are also all Alcohol free with natural ingredients.

Although these products were kindly gifted to me all views are my own and you guys know I am always honest with you.

If you guys want to see more products from T-Zone you can check out their website t-zone.  

Their Instagram also so go give them a follow.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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Chat soon






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