D.I.Y treats for your furry friend.


Happy Sunday guys !!!

Hope you all had a great week,todays post is a little D.I.Y for your furry friends.Dog treats!

There quick cheap and something different for your dog.

Heres the ingredients.

A cup of plain flour and wheat bran if you had wholemeal flour you could use that instead I didnt have any so I decided just to mix these to make my own.

2 eggs ( yes it is ok for dogs to eat eggs once its not too often).

2 eggs ( yes its ok for dogs to eat eggs once its not too often).


Stock cubes for flavour ,you can use beef or chicken I decided to use chicken.

Thats basically it , then its as easy as throwing everything into the bowl.

Add the two stock cubes into a mug with boiling water.

Then pour it into the mixture and mix together.

Once you get this kind of a mixture you want to roll out the dough.


Then its the fun part to make shapes with whatever cut outs you have.

The pop them into the oven for about 15 minutes.


Question is do they approve????

They went down a treat!


So they ya have it some yummy treats for your loved ones.

I hope you guys enjoyed and if you decided to make these make sure to send me on a snap of them!

Have a lovely weekend xx



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