Charlotte Tilbury Face mask..Is it worth the €24???

Hey guys Happy Wednesday!

Hope your all having a nice week so far, Todays post is another little review but its on a super exiciting product.

Its the Charlotte Tilbury DRY sheet mask, now I’ve wanted to try this for the longeeeessst of time but the price really put me off but I finally got it last week and couldnt wait to try it out and do a review.IMG_3007

So obviously the thing that sucked me in to buy this product was that its a DRY sheet mask.Like how ? and why??

I cant even begin to explain how weird it felt to open the packet and to take out the mask and for it to be dry because I’m sure you all know when opening up a sheet mask how its all wet and quite tricky to unfold and apply.


But how does it work ?

The mask is dry as the textile fabric has already been impregnated with tiny vectors of Charlotte’s MAGIC actives – featuring vitamins, floral extracts, peptides, oils and butters – which are delivered directly into the third layer of the epidermis.

To apply :

1. Unfold your Dry Sheet Mask, place the pink side onto cleansed skin.

2. Loop top and bottom hooks over the ears, positioning the mask comfortably over the face..

3. Leave on for 15 mins – gently massage on top to activate your Dry Mask. Mask stays dry and drip free.

4. Remove the mask from your face to reveal the instant Hollywood celebrity facial effect! Replace the mask in its packet so you can use it again!

What I like about it is you can R-use it.

Charlotte says ”Because it isn’t a wet formula, it doesn’t harbour bacteria, so you can use this up to 3 times!’.

Aside from the fact you look like a serial killer on it does feel great.

But is it worth €24 ??

At first I thought no because its a dry sheet mask like how is that any benefit to your skin but now after having used it 2 times I can say I will for sure be buying this again.The way your skin looks after having this on for 20 ish minutes is just something.


Now ignore the bad breakout im having but look at that glow

If I didn’t have them breakouts imagine how amazing my skin would look like I was honestly really shocked.I don’t think I have ever seen as good as result from a sheet mask before.

Also one thing that is very handy is that their is a zip lock on the mask so when you re-use it no air gets in meaning no bacteria.


It also gives you a constant pouting lip effect !

But thats it for todays post I hope you all enjoyed.

You can purchase Charlotte Tilbury Products here in Ireland in Brown Thomas stores.

Until next week



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