Possibly the best beauty product I ever bought..REALLY?

The best beauty product I’ve ever bought?? Really??? now I have bought A LOT of beauty products.

Hey guys how are we all doingggg

Today I want to talk about something I have been grabbing for almost everyday for the past month now.Its the Chanel Universal Bronzer.


I am sooo against cream bronzers and highlighters I feel like they are so much effort and nah just not for me but this is just heaven.


What I use this for most is to bronze up my kneck to match my foundation no tan no problem and the way its stored is great I just swirl around a fluffy brush and blend it on my kneck.Even though its a cream bronzer its not a wet texture which is great because thats what I hate about cream bronzers highlighters ect.

I just think its so handy for work because if I amn’t wearing tan but still want to wear a darker shade now I can where before I wouldnt be able to unless I was wearing tan of course.

I’m sure this would be ideal for photoshoots and models ect even if you were to use it on arms and legs.

Because its a universal bronzer it comes in just the one shade but it looks different on every skintone.


I would assume it will last me a lifetime because the smallest amount goes a long way which is fab obviously.At only €40 BARGAIN!!!This would be a must for Freelance Makeup artists.

So ya thats todays little post  I hope you guys enjoyed

If your not following me on instagram yet make sure you do well thats if you want of course its just @beautyfruity17.

Until next time my lovelies


Beautyfruity17 .


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